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Piper and Aerrow

The Sky Knight and the Crystal Specialist

piper x aerrow
The Condor
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A Piper/Aerrow LJ Community

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Sky Knights + Crystal Specialists

This is the Livejournal community for the relationship (romantic or platonic) between Aerrow and Piper of the cartoon "Storm Hawks." Discussion, fanfiction, icons and fanart, and any other posts that explore the two characters and their relationship are encouraged.

Fanfiction posted here doesn't have to focus exclusively on Piper/Aerrow, but the characters and their relationship should be a significant part of the story. Sexually explicit material is welcomed (Ahaha! Yes please!!), but please mark it before an LJ-cut with appropriate warnings, so people don't end up accidentally reading hot smut in front of their boss or something - and to act as a safeguard towards minors. Same goes with fanart.

Spoilers for the cartoon are definitely allowed, but please use lj-cut and mark your post for spoilers when discussing specific episodes/chapters, as all people watching this community may not be caught up to the same points and we don't want to spoil the fun. Please also use lj-cuts when posting long entries and images. Thank you!

*We love lj-cuts. We love them lots.*

Comm guidelines shamelessly ganked borrowed from scarlust
Layout code thanks to ReversesCollide